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AMI Orientation 12-18

25 hours

What it entails

The AMI 12-18 Orientation is a 4-day workshop providing foundational Montessori theory and methodology for understanding the work with adolescents (12-18 years). Lecture topics focus on describing the developmental needs of the adolescent and the components of an adolescent program, including the prepared environment, the role of the adult, and the plan of study and work.

The course provides a vision of a Montessori adolescent community. Participants will have received information regarding the key elements of an engaging adolescent environment.

Participants will receive an AMI certification upon completion of the orientation. 

Upcoming Orientation 12-18 Courses (25 hours)

Sweden, May 2024

Dates: May 23rd - 26th, 2024
Location: Onsite at The Montessori Centre for Work and Study, Rydet, Sweden
Course fee: 3000 SEK
Director of Training: Jenny Marie Höglund

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