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AMI Orientation 12-18

What it entails

This course provides a foundation in the Montessori theory and approach for working with adolescents aged 12-18. Participants are presented with an overview of core Montessori principles and essential information to understand the developmental needs of this age-group.

The course takes place over sixty hours and is ideal for parents, administrators, visiting specialists/experts, and professionals from all areas of care involving adolescents. It is also an ideal introduction for those considering the AMI 12-18 Diploma Course in order to work in adolescent communities.

Lectures, discussions and seminars are offered to introduce:

  • Dr. Montessori's theory of Human Development
  • Characteristics and needs of the Third Plane of Development
  • Transition from and building on the first two Planes of Development
  • A Centre for Study and Work, the Prepared Environment for the Third Plane (physical, social organisation, residential life)
  • Preparation and role of the adults
  • Social and Economic Independence and the pivotal role of Production and Exchange
  • Work as a Human Right and privilege
  • Dr. Montessori's Educational Syllabus
  • Plans of Study and Work
  • Three Period Learning Cycle
  • Contribution of the Third Plane: To what end?
  • Introduction to the technique of Seminar
  • Introduction to the method of Observation
  • Working with adolescents, colleagues, administrators, parents

Contemporary case-studies are shared, and there is the opportunity to hear the perspectives of adolescents themselves.

The course is followed up with a requirement of nine hours of observation in an approved adolescent community.

Participants who complete the course requirements will receive an AMI Certificate of Completion.

Upcoming Orientation 12-18 Courses