AMI Orientation 12-18

What it entails

This course provides a foundation in the Montessori theory and approach for working with adolescents aged 12-18. Participants are presented with an overview of core Montessori principles and essential information to understand the developmental needs of this age-group.

The course takes place over sixty hours and is ideal for parents, administrators, visiting specialists/experts, and professionals from all areas of care involving adolescents. It is also an ideal introduction for those considering the AMI 12-18 Diploma Course in order to work in adolescent communities.

Lectures, discussions and seminars are offered to introduce:

  • Dr. Montessori's theory of Human Development
  • Characteristics and needs of the Third Plane of Development
  • Transition from and building on the first two Planes of Development
  • A Centre for Study and Work, the Prepared Environment for the Third Plane (physical, social organisation, residential life)
  • Preparation and role of the adults
  • Social and Economic Independence and the pivotal role of Production and Exchange
  • Work as a Human Right and privilege
  • Dr. Montessori's Educational Syllabus
  • Plans of Study and Work
  • Three Period Learning Cycle
  • Contribution of the Third Plane: To what end?
  • Introduction to the technique of Seminar
  • Introduction to the method of Observation
  • Working with adolescents, colleagues, administrators, parents

Contemporary case-studies are shared, and there is the opportunity to hear the perspectives of adolescents themselves.

The course is followed up with a requirement of nine hours of observation in an approved adolescent community.

Participants who complete the course requirements will receive an AMI Certificate of Completion.

Upcoming Orientation 12-18 Courses

Germany, September 2021


An AMI 12-18 Orientation is scheduled to be on site in Ingelheim, Germany for September 2021. It will take place over three weekends. Please find the application form below. If you have any question, do not hesitate to send an email to

Dates: DATES CHANGED- NOW: September 17th - 19th, September 24th - 26th, October 1st - 3rd 

Tuition Fee: 500 EUR

Location: At Bilinguale Montessori Schule, Ingelheim